isn't some big company. is:

Ryan Dobie - Webmaster, blogger, photographer, and pretty much the only one working on the site half the time. Ryan bought the domain as a lark, and has been paying monthly hosting fees ever since, for no obvious reason other than "for the hell of it". Ryan is a liar and an idiot.

Kim - Eye candy, photographer, and sounding board for Ryan's dumb ideas. We have no idea why she puts up with him, especially when he talks in the third person or first person plural.And no, she didn't approve this bio. Kim is clearly the brains of the outfit.

The Cats - Miko (living with Joel), Nuku (also living with Joel), Shinobu (Buu) (living with Brenna), Kuro (living with Laura), Soya (living with Katherine), and Harry (also living with Brenna). Constantly endangering our advertising by refusing to wear pants in any pictures. Almost certainly not even close to being the brains of any outfit.

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