Toy Review: ROTF Optimus Prime

Hey, I'm doing another review! Neat! So, despite not being terribly keen on the ROTF film, and finding the toys a bit disappointing after Animated (I fully expect that more than half of my 2007 Movie toys would not have been purchased if I'd seen the Animated stuff first), I did pick up a few ROTF toys, mostly (okay, pretty much entirely) on sale. And hey, for half price, how could I go wrong with this Leader-class figure? I'd heard it was pretty nice (and maybe now I won't be so chicken about trying an LED swap on the 2007 version - if McDonald's can put blue LEDs in their toys, why can't Hasbro?), and it looked good in the box.

Toy Review: Transformers Animated Cybertron-Mode Ratchet

I miss doing toy reviews. I haven't done one in a year. In part, this is for several reasons:

  1. Taking the pictures was often a pain, and only sometimes did they turn out how I wanted (I still love those Armorhide photos).
  2. Fitting it into the formula I was using was a pain in the butt.
  3. I cut back on the toy buying, and most of the toys I had wound up in a big storage tote.

But hey, I figure I can start it again through a few things:

  1. I'll worry less about having pictures. If you want to see pictures, SHMAX has high standards and a fairly complete database.
  2. I'll just stop caring about fitting the reviews into a specific formula. Ben Yee's site is back up, and he's pretty much got that down.
  3. I've got a few interesting toys recently, and my daughter is old enough that they don't really have to be "out of reach" anymore.

So, I guess since I named a toy in the title of this post, I should review something. Besides, if I don't, I'll look stupid because I'll post my reasons for doing more reviews, and then completely fail to review anything for like a month.

Cybertron-Mode Ratchet, huh? They packed this guy in robot mode, which seems to be common for figures that are similar to existing figures, especially if it shows off the differences between the molds. I think they made the right choice here - the robot mode is definitely my favourite of the forms on this figure.

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